Black lace lamp for any room.

Lace-lamp I'm just back from a holiday in California, which I loved, where they seem to favour either an ultra modern or a vintage look for their homes. 

I love both looks and that's why I tend to take an eclectic view where my own home furnishings are concerned. 

I like to mix things up a bit and that's why I love this black lace lamp

Lace lampshades can, to my mind conjure up a fussy, boudoir look, but this lamp combined with its simple base, cream shade and delicate, unfussy black lace cover would look great in any room. 

The black and cream combination gives it a classy, expensive look,  however at only £19.95 it's affordable.

If you like it you can buy it here.


Off on holiday.

Florida 2005 051I'm off on holiday for a few weeks and I'm really looking forward to seeing new places and new shops! 

I'll be travelling about quite a bit but I'll try and pop in every now and then , internet connection permitting, if I see anything that I think you'd be interested in.

Bye for now. 




Daisy wall decoration with a difference.

Daisy-wall-decor I think I've said before that I painted my guest bedroom in a lovely taupe colour.  Initially it turned out too dark but lots of white paint mixed into the original colour brought it to a shade I was happy with.  The room has lots of white accessories which lifts the taupe and is very pleasing.  Lately though I've had the idea of painting a daisy chain across one of the walls behind the bed just as a pop of colour.  

However I found this daisy wall decoration which will do the job without the mess.  The nine daisy decorations vary in size and  are easily fixed to the wall with an magnet and tack.  As an added bonus the red centres of these flowers can easily be removed and a picture inserted instead.  Or if red isn't your colour you can insert a colour that will complement your room. 

This fab wall decoration is so easy to instal you could use it and move it whenever you wanted to change the look of a room.  I love it.

Beach hut lights for beach hut lovers.

Beach-hut-lights I love beach huts and I don't think I'm alone because there are pictures of beach huts, paintings of beach huts, beach hut peg racks, beach hut borders etc, etc, etc; and I love them all.   So it'll come as no surprise to you to find that I love these beach hut lights which I found on the John Lewis site. 

I can imagine them on a ledge in my conservatory on a winter's evening reminding me that holidays are a'coming.   

In fact they way things are going here I can imagine them on a wintery looking May evening reminding me that holidays are coming soon! 

Support Marmite

Marmite-picture Love it or hate it Marmite often hits the headlines.  For a spread that's an acquired taste it really is quite famous. 

The latest controversy surrounding it centres on a ban of the delicious spread in Denmark.  Can you tell I'm a fan?  

The word from Denmark is that,  in their opinion,  there are way too many vitamins in Marmite to do us any good.  Meanwhile the Danish embassy in London have denied that there's a ban on the spread. 

Controversy and Marmite seem to go hand in hand and surely it's got to be the only spread involved in politics!

 If you're a fan then you're sure to love this fab Marmite Multi Coloured print from Heals .  However it costs £100 (that's a lot of Marmite) but it does come in a vintage black frame.  I love it, and the print too of course! 

Three Heart Shaped Plates

Heart-plates I love most things that are on offer at The White Company   and whether it's for the home or for myself I usually find something that pleases me. 

Take this set of 3 Portobello Heart Plates that I found while I was looking for a gift.  These porcelain plates with their textured surface and matte glaze would make the perfect engagement gift and at only £35 for the set, for me, they're ideally priced.  There's a bonus too as they're microwave and dishwasher safe thereby ensuring their constant use. 

Precious but totally usable,I love them!  

Versatile Tapestry Throw

Tapestry-throw The beautiful design and vivid red of this tapestry throw really caught my eye and it got me thinking about how versatile it could be. 

For instance it would be easy to hang it on the wall to brighten up student accommodation or a rental apartment where posters and pictures are frowned upon.  It would also make a fab bohemian headboard in a teenage bedroom.   All you would need to do would be to sew a  little channel along the top of the throw and popped a batton of wood through the channel to keep it straight then hang the tapestry from a couple of hooks. 

Of course if you don't want to hang the tapestry throw up then I'm sure it would look every bit a good on a sofa or bed.

This Darjeeling Tapestry Throw is so versatile and at only £30 you can't go wrong.  You can buy it here

Coat hooks that complete the look.

Coat-hanger It's tempting when you've finished decorating a room to put back all those necessary accessories like coat hooks. If you're like me it's probably because you're desperate to clear up and reclaim the newly decorated room. 

 However I've recently decorated a bathroom and decided we needed new coat hooks to complete the look.  Easier said than done because there's so many to choose from.  I was on the verge of putting the old hooks back up when I found this.  The pretty decorative metal roses and white ceramic hooks on this triple coat hanger makes it that wee bit different and will finish off my room perfectly. 

 If you'd like the hook you can buy it at Graham & Green.   

Shoe Cleaning Box

Shoe-cleaning-box This shoe cleaning box is one of those gifts that if used as intended will not only look good but will be in the family for years to come.  In fact before we were married the husband made a very similar box which we still use to this day.

This shoe cleaning box is made from wood with a distressed paint finish and has two compartments with sloping sides and a handy carrying handle.   Funnily enough our box now also sports a very fashionable distressed finish. 

Filled with shoe brushes and polish this box would make a lovely, practical engagement gift.  Handy too for students living away from home.