Monthly Archives: October 2009

Candelabra of the mini variety.

Mini-candelabra This delicate looking mini candelabra would grace any holiday table.  Made from shiny nickel-plated aluminium this candelabra which holds 3 mini taper candles would look fabulous on a contemporary table or mantle.  It would also look equally at home in a more tranditional setting.  It certainly looks more expensive than its $29 price tag suggests.  Use your imagination on how to present it.  It looks great on the wooden plinth but it would also look cool on a glass tray with some colourful fall leaves around it.  Modern or traditional you decide!

Wine Runner

Wine-runner I know,  the title grabbed me too, but it's not what you think.  It's not like you have your own personal wine carrier to summon when you feel the need for a glass or two, although that would be a good idea!  Or was it just me that thought that?  Still this Wine Runner by Jacob Wagner is modern and won't take up a lot of space in the kitchen.  It's made of synthetic rubber and stainless steel and you can stack six bottles of wine on it .  It's kinda flat like a table runner……..!   Ah.  I get it.  You know what,  I think I will!

Rattan Pumpkins


Simple but effective these rattan pumpkins from Pottery Barn would make a really lovely decorative touch at any holiday season.   

Red or black sticky paper shaped into eyes and teeth and stuck on the face of the pumpkin for a fun Halloween. 

For Thanksgiving,  I'd place them on a bed of autumn leaves with some battery operated mini lights hidden in the leaves for a twinkly, sparkly holiday accent.

Skulls Wallpaper

Gold-skull-wallpaper You won't find me papering a wall for Halloween.  No siree, that would be a wall being papered too far.  I mean I like Halloween and I don't mind dressing the table and leaving some spooky spiders (of the plastic kind) lying around.  But papering a room! It doesn't matter if the paper is made-to-order by hand and is all gold and glitter. 

Skulls wallpaper would be fabulous for Halloween but afterwards would you be happy with the whole spooky look to your room? 

One roll of this spookily fabulous textured wallpaper costs a lot of money.  One hundred and five british pounds to be precise. 

Now that's scary!

Napkin Rings – Chalkboard Mustache Style

Napkin-rings-chalkboard You know the slate placemats that I adore? You know the placemats where I suggest that you may want to draw a caricature of your guests and use that caricature as a placecard? 

It's a nice idea, but it's a lot of trouble to go to just to show your guests where they sit.  So how about using these fabulous napkin rings which are laser cut from clear acrylic and fused with a chalkboard mustache.  All you need do is chalk your guests name on the mustache.


Just don't seat Katie anywhere near Pete! 

Metal Pumpkin


This unique decorative table accent is very pretty and would look great at Halloween or Thanksgiving.  

Made from metal and plastic in lovely fall colours this decorative pumpkin looks as if it's been in an explosion and been lovingly wired back together.  I love the random, rustic look to it.  If you like it as much as I do then you can Buy it Now for $12.99 over at ebay.   

Block Designer Lampshade – Acrylic and Metal


There's a kind of utilitarian look to these Block acrylic and metal lampshades but I guarantee that if you have one it'll be one of those pieces that you won't ever want to throw out.  Available in 8 fabulous colours you're sure to find one that you absolutely must have.  I know that they're a bit expensive but you'll love it forever and use it in many different rooms. 

Can you tell that I love them?