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A home for the bees.

Beehouse Quite apart from being cute looking honey bees have been around for millions of years and are the only insects that produce food eaten by man.  Also the honey that they produce is the only food that contains all the substances necessary to sustain life.  Amazing!

I bet you're impressed with my knowledge,  in fact I bet you're thinking that I'm a hive of information about bees.  Well I'm not because I found all these interesting facts here.  I looked them up because I found this cool looking Beehouse here.  This stylish looking Beehouse will not only look good in the garden, (okay that was my first thought) the bees will help pollinate the plants and the ladybirds it attracts will eat any greenfly. Amazing!

A Betty Round Vase in taupe or white?

Betty-round-vase This must be my lucky week because now I've found something else to complement that gorgeous red and white striped cushion and finish off my guest bedroom.  I know, I thought I'd finished it off too!  But then I saw this pretty Betty round vase at Brissi and after I have this I think the room will be finished. Maybe…

This beautiful Betty vase is completely covered in glazed roses and is so pretty that the only choice still to be made is whether to buy the white or the taupe. 

The white would look fresh and pretty,  but then again the taupe vase filled with pure white roses would add a touch of sophistication with the taupe bedroom wall.  However the white vase filled with red roses against the taupe wall could look sensational.  What do  you think?   

A tin that speaks for itself.

Stuff-tin You know that "stuff" that lies about on coffee tables, window ledges, side tables and beside the husband's chair? 

You know stuff like, a wall tack, a toy from a Christmas cracker, an odd button or safety pin, even the odd guitar plectrum!  You know stuff that really could be put away but somehow never finds it's way home.  You know the stuff I mean.

Well I've found the perfect solution here

I wonder if they make it in large? 

Fergie the red fabric cushion for wherever you can fit it in.

Striped-cushion When I first laid eyes on this fab red and white striped cushion from Habitat I knew I wanted it and more importantly I knew where I was going to put it. 

So often when I'm shopping I'll see something I like, talk myself into buying it then when I get home I find that it doesn't go with anything in any room and looks totally out of place wherever I put it!  Just ask the husband, our attic is testament to my rash buying choices.  

Anyway this fab red and white striped fabric cushion with the beautiful bow will end up in my guest room and it'll finish it off perfectly.  Honestly.  The husband has already been told. 

James Brown Bag Framed Print and a reminder.

James-brown-print We've all had a fabulous weekend.  The wedding was fabulous, the weather glorious and and it felt cool to be British.  I enjoyed every minute of the wedding and applaud the organisers for all the work that must have gone into timing everything to perfection and making it such a great day for the spectators who cheered the happy couple from the Abbey to the Palace. 

However the breaking news of yesterday brought me back down to earth with a bump and that's why I think this fabulous James Brown Bag Framed Print is a timely reminder to us all.  You can buy this print from Heals

 Enjoy but take care.